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National Institute of Health, Pakistan Advisory on CoronaVirus

Since its initial report on December 31, 2019, a newly identified strain of coronavirus that appears to have originated in China has, as of January 25, 2020, caused 1,354 confirmed cases and 41 total deaths. While some coronaviruses cause mild to moderate symptoms in people, this novel coronavirus — labeled 2019-nCoV — is one of three coronavirus strains known to cause severe symptoms in humans (the others are SARS-CoV, which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, and MERS-CoV, which causes Middle East respiratory syndrome). 

Due to its rapid spread across many countries, the disease is receiving significant global attention. Many countries which have not been affected directly by the outbreak are undertaking activities to prepare for possible cases.

Source: FETP Activities in Response to 2019-nCoV, the Novel Coronavirus | TEPHINET

The SAPM Dr Zafar Mirza turned down the reports of Corona Virus in Pakistan till today. He elaborated that there is one suspect from China admitted in Nishta Hospital Multan who has not showed any signs of illness. National Institute of Health-Pakistan, has issued the advisory to alert and sensitize the health staff at border posts as well as in healthcare institutions of Pakistan to stay vigilant.

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