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Welcome To Solutions Pakistan

Solutions Pakistan is a professional organization that has redefined and revolutionize the testing/training industry through unique blend of technology and psychological expertise.

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Our consultancy services focus on most critical issues and opportunities: business advisory, accounting & ERP solutions, banking & finance solution, technical consultancy.

We support both private and public sector institutions to create a pool of highly competitive HR by leveraging the complex hiring process from testing/assessment to final selection in a seamless digital workflow.

In everything we do, our special constituent is ability of our team to Reveal Human Strengths, Delicacies and Potential Via highly standardized Testing/Assessment Mechanism.

Standardized Testing/Assessment Procedures for

  • Consultancy Services
  • Recruitment
  • Admissions
  • Teacher Licensing
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Capacity Building (Trainings)

CEO's Message

I am pleased to welcome you at Solutions Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

“The opportunities don’t just happen, they are created.” Yes, it is true in case of SP, which is based on core precepts that provide unequivocal advantages to our clients.

By taking tough decisions, being agile to change and building the right team, Solutions Pakistan is based on purposeful vision and sound strategy. We focus to ensure quality in our work and above all we prioritize our services that impact every facet of our work, from global standards to safety measures, from time efficiency to communication with our sponsors, from meeting client timelines and budget, and everything in between.

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    We are innovating and transforming the methodologies to achieve critical development milestones in testing services, health research and overseas employment services through consistently investing in people, processes and technology. We help our clients successfully steer across global development in an increasingly complex market of research and development through generation of highly authentic data, technology, and advanced analytics.

    We have shaped our business model to reflect the most validated global solutions that are effectively and carefully tailored to local environments as per client requirements. Therefore, we have a friendly relationship with all our clients; similarly, our clients find it effortless to work with us.

    Having strong belief on strategic alliance with our clients for long term growth, I invite you at Solutions Pakistan and embark for successful execution of your human resource management and R&D plans with the highest of quality and ethical standards.

    Dr. Shoaib Ahmed

Our Services

Solution Pakistan Pvt. Ltd is Providing Services in Following Domains

Testing Services

Testing/Assessment Services


Overseas Employment Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services