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Business Advisory

While enterprises may not be able to control interruption event, we help in controlling the impact it has on the business. SP Consultants works closely with companies to identify risk and limit its impact. We offer solutions and tools — and answers to real world challenges — in critical areas of exposure:

SP assists enterprises in building their Business Continuity Management [BCM] framework; coaching in identifying, prioritizing, and managing enterprise risks; leading to achievable strategic objectives and keeping business on track.

We make sure that your safety and ergonomic programs are actually decreasing incidents; significantly helping you protect your most valuable asset ‘your people’.

We help you conduct financial investigations and extract, authenticate, and preserve digital information. We help resolve insured — and uninsured — losses and resolve virtually any kind of dispute.

Accounting & ERP Solutions

SP truly understands importance of enterprise architecture and provides solution and services to ensure that our clients may have complete technological advantage for effective project management and decision making.

SP’s architecture starts with a deep understanding of the business need, and this is where so many projects fail. We gather requirements, envision the solution, evaluate the options available for the solution, perform the time/people/resources trade-offs, design the solution, and then communicate all of this to the developers.

As Enterprise Architects, we translate the strategic objectives and vision of an enterprise into a reliable blueprint for business and IT change. We help organizations develop their Enterprise Architecture, working closely with business and IT to understand the business drivers and vision and how this needs to be reflected in the Enterprise Architecture. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and technology challenges from which the Enterprise Architecture can be derived.

Banking & Finance Solutions

SP Banking and Finance solutions increases business intelligence by providing simple and flexible Banking and financial solutions for complex operations.

SP helps clients to securely go digital. It provides secure digital payments and transaction services. SP integrates the banking solution with the core infrastructure of the client to ensure better customer care through seamless service. SP helps clients in meeting changing customers’ demands and achieve objectives.

SP’s Banking and Financial Services include:

  1. Core Banking Services
  2. Retail Banking Solutions
  3. Digital and Mobile Banking
  4. Digital Transformation
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Insurance/reinsurance System

Technical Consultancy

SP’s Technical Consultancy services are backed by an agile team of engineering experts who ensure smooth working of our client’s technological infrastructure and help in achieving business goals.

SP’s services are right in line with quality standards set by international industry. Our team of technical consultants designs a unique solution for every client as per specific requirements.

Our technical services include:

  1. Vendor analysis and selection
  2. Network Design
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Technical consultancy
  5. System integration
  6. Project Management
  7. Risk Management

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