Solutions Pakistan


Solutions Pakistan Contract Research Organization envisions to be the read more

    partner’s preferred choice in this evolving health research landscape of the country. We uphold the philosophy of translating the evidence; thus, promoting the research that is need based, is in the national interest and triggers the policies for building a happier and healthier world to live in.


Our mission is to earn our customers’ trust by executing their Research read more

    and Development (R&D) plans while maintaining the highest ethical standards.


At Solutions Pakistan we nurture the values of unity faith and discipline. read more

    We value flexibility, are client focused and responsive while commitment to quality remains the cornerstone. We support absolute professional integrity by extending equality, respect, and trust to become the preferred place to work.

Our Team

SP has assembled a strong management team that combines unrivaled operational expertise and management experience and is highly committed to the company’s vision and to foster sound entrepreneurial culture. The CRO has a fair policy of gender balance in recruiting its staff providing equal opportunities to males and females.

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    The management team consists of;

    • Chairperson
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Executive Director
    • Chief Operating Officer

    The management team is extended and supported by a blend of cross-functional people possessing diverse and extensive expertise and global stature upholding our values i-e; commitment to quality while remaining flexible. Our technical team includes;

    • Executive Director
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Director Biological Directorate
    • Director Public Health Directorate
    • Coordinators
    • Activity based staff