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It is now a proven fact that Pakistan human potential sets it apart as it is blessed with highly talented people, excelling in various fields. Historically, Pakistan human potential has contributed at large in development of many countries around the world. Particularly Middle East and Europe.

At present workforce over 60 million Pakistani makes it the ninth largest labour force globally.

The unique features of Pakistan’s work force are

– Cost effective,

– Better communication skills,

– Considerably efficient and reliable, and

– Easily adoptable and adaptable to different cultures and conditions across the globe.

There are over eight million Pakistanis living and working the world over, which constitute over four percent of the country’s population. These also include professionals many of whom occupy senior positions with public and private sectors in the host countries in Asia & Middle East, Europe, Americas, Africa and Oceania (Australia & New Zealand). Interestingly, expatriate Pakistanis are also working in far-off places like Chile, Peru, Madagascar and Iceland. Pakistan is one of the top five emigration countries in South Asia.

Although the Government of Pakistan took number of steps to meet the increasing demands of Skilled Pakistani workforce abroad but the demand supply gap is keep on arising. In order to bridge the gap in its own capacity the Solution Pakistan Pvt Ltd. took certain steps to manage export of manpower in a very professional manner, by exploring new potential market too so that competent, reliable and cost-effective human resource may be provided to the International Labor Market. SP’s OES initiative not only assist foreign recruiters in recruitment of Pakistani Manpower against specific demands but also it would facilitate Pakistani job seekers in employment abroad by providing them its job portal forum and other initiatives. 

Job Categories

– Doctors
– Paramedical
– Engineers
– IT
– Technicians
– Security Guards
– Instructors
– Skilled
– Miscellaneous
– Labor
– Drivers
– General Workers

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